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Do you have a vintage drag car and just want to have some fun?

You found the right place!  Open to period correct door cars manufactured 1957 and earlier, front engine dragsters and altereds only.

Exhibition Race Class

This groundbreaking class at Rock'N'Race will have up to 200 chosen vintage racers match racing for fun. No rules, no classes, no trophies, stickers, or purses, no expectations. Just to have a kick ass time with an old racer in the next lane ready to put on a show!  Did we mention it's free?

Tom Petty041.jpg

You need to be pre-approved!

In order to run your car in exhibition at Rock'N'Race you need to submit your ride for our race committee approval.  Now don't worry if your ride does not fit what we are looking for in this class, you can still go to the main registration page and register to race in one of the 7 classes available.  

Basic rules.

Body style - 1957 and older

Front Engine Dragster/Altereds
No nitrous, EFI, or turbos 
Wheels must be what was available in the 1966 era or a current re-make.

Cragers, Ansens, Halibrand, Torq thrust 5 spoke, slotted, steelies, moon disc white letter tires
No snorkel or modern style scoops
No  spoilers
Old school paint style, pin stripping, door lettering 

No 2 Step

Must have an engine diaper

Submit your approval here:

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