Show and Shine presented by the:
Club wanted to organize and award car show for 2021! Maybe make trophies? 

Dragway 42 has a vast amount of space and the show field will have ample room for display of your 1972 and earlier vehicle.  There will be no overnight space saving in the show area, top of the hill is first come first serve each day.  There is also plenty of room for camping if you choose to stay at the track for the weekend! Tent camping is free for participants and is on the spectator side of the track by the pond.  Rent an RV; Contact our sponsor Neff Bros and rent an rv for the weekend! Trophies for top 20 show cars picked by the Corvette Club of Cleveland this year and donated by the Summit Racing Equipment I-X Piston Powered Cleveland Auto-Rama!  Fun runs Friday and Saturday for all car show entries!  On Friday night we will have a special Show Car only flag start 1/8 heads up race!  Trophies for the race donated by the Summit Racing Equipment I-X Piston Powered Cleveland Auto-Rama and the Slick Devils car club.  There is no extra charge to be part of this race.  3 classes are divided by year of manufacture.  1900-1948 (x), 1949-1963 (y), and 1964-1972 (z).  All cars must run a DOT legal tires.  Make sure your car has a Battery hold down, water overflow,  and seat belts. At 8.49 in the 1/8 and faster we require a helmet.  




 Wheelie Contest!

                                       Wheel stand contest Saturday night!

Sponsored by WAC Customs.

Burn out Contest Saturday Night!
Burn out contest sponsored by :
Kandi's Rods & Kustoms!



Schedule is subject to change.

Rock n Race July 31, August 1-2 Dragway 42

Thursday July 30

            Gates open noon for Racers and Vendor set up. 

            Tech 1-8pm


Friday July 31

            Gates open 10am

             Show and Shine Parking

             Swap meet  

             Tech 8-4


             Driver's meeting 11 am below tower in staging lanes.  (keep social distance please)

             Time Trials/fun runs start at high noon till 6pm  Lane 1  for fun runs.  Lane 6 for match race, (race your buddy) all others open time trials.  


             6pm National Anthem


             Summit Racing Equipment's IX Piston Powered Cleveland Auto-Rama  1/8 mile street car shoot out heads up flag start!   3 classes’ street legal  DOT                tires only!

             Flag Girl contest cash prize for 1st place and runner up!  Sponsored by the Choppers Hot Rod Association!


             Gamblers race for all racers. Handicap racing to benefit Cancer Research Rainbow Babies Hospital!  $20 per entry $20 buy back first round.

             Exhibition qualifier  ( Supercharged Thunder, Funny Car, AA/GS)


             ON STAGE

             Friday July 31

             The Humbuckers                           6:30 pm

             Jayson and the Mean Eyed Cats  7:45 pm

             Scoliosis Jones                                9:00 pm

             Josey and The Corruption           10:15 pm


  Saturday August 1

            Gates open at 8am

             Show and shine

             Swap meet

             Tech 8am-12pm

             Fun Runs only 9am

             Time Trials/fun runs start at 10am-3pm


             National Anthem             

             Exhibition 2nd qualifier 

             Thunder Buggy

             Top Fuel Dragster Ride Drawing under the tower

             Car show awards


             Saturday Program- Heads Up all divisions!  (Trophy) 4pm


             First Round

              B             Bracket

              MC         Muscle Car

              HRI        Hot Rod II

              HRII       Hot Rod I

              W            348-409 Car

              NA          AWB

          6:pm         Larry Dixon Top Fuel Ride Along!

              COMP    Competition Gas                                      

              NG         Gasser Madness race   (Nostalgia Gas/ Heritage Gas) 

                                A/G   5.00-6.99 lbs. per cubic inch

                                B/G   7.00-8.99 lbs. per cubic inch

                                C/G   9.00-10.99 lbs. per cubic inch

                                D/G   11.00-12.99 lbs. per cubic inch

                                E/G    13.00-14.59 lbs. per cubic inch

                                F/G    14.60 or more lbs. per cubic inch

                                AA/G    5.00-7.99 lbs. per cubic inch

                                BB/G    8.00-10.99 lbs. per cubic inch

               FE          Open Center steer Car



                             Burn out Contest


               Second Round

                             Same run order            


                             WAC Cutoms Wheel Stand Contest


                             Thunder Buggy



             ON STAGE!

             The Velvematics         3pm

             The Moderns              4pm

             The Super Satellites  5pm

             Walking in Circles     6:45pm

             SORAIA                       8:30 pm

             Phestur                       11:00 pm


            Sunday  Sunday Sunday  Ten Dollar Admission!  August 2

              All Racing on Sunday is 1/4 mile!

              Gates Open 8am

              Show and shine

              Swap meet

             Tech 8am-10am

             Eliminations 10am

             W Motor


             Bracket 1900-1972  ( all body 2 step allowed/no box, buy back 1st round $20)

             Hot Rod 1  Pre 1948                                                                                            

             Hot Rod 2  1949-63

             Muscle Car  1964-72

             Competition Gas   (modern Gassers)

             Nostalgia Gas a-g   (nose high Gassers)         

             Open Car (center steer) 


           Hot Rod 1 & 2, Muscle Car, Competition Gas, AWB, Open…………….Handicap Racing Dial to nearest 0.10

           Nostalgia Gas........................... Index

           W and Bracket ………………………….Handicap Racing dial in nearest 0.01

            All racing no box!

*Subject to change.

Spectator Pricing:
Friday $20
Saturday $20
Sunday Sunday Sunday $10
Weekend pass $40 
Kids 14 and under FREE!
Golf cart reservation call:
C and C
(440) 775-1300
RV Waste Service call:

Rock'N'Race General Information


Spectator pricing

Friday $20

Saturday $20

Sunday $10

3 day event pass $40 ( required to camp)

Camping $50 for weekend per camper

Spectators entrance is on Jeffry Rd.  


All spectators purchasing a 3 day pass are allowed to camp. There are no amenities. If you are camping you will need to enter from the Jeffry Rd entrance.  Campers spectating only are not permitted until Friday. 

Vendors, racers ,car show and swamp meet will need to enter through the entrance on hwy 42 . 9161 Rainbow hwy ,West Salem , Ohio 44287

NO Glass containers

Self contained fire pits allowed.  fire rings are NOT allowed. No open  burning on Dragway 42 Property

Alcohol is restricted to  your pit area/ camping area

No one under the age of 16 is allowed to operate a pit vehicle/ golf cart

Must wear wrist band at all times

Be respectful of  other spectators

Please keep pit area/ camping area clean

Track lights will turned off 30 minutes after last car goes down the track

Dragway 42 is not responsible for the Loss of personnel property or damages to yourself or personal property

Dragway 42 reserves the right to ask any person to leave the property at anytime

REQUIRED COVID-19 CDC & Social Distancing Guidelines by State & Local Health Authorities

  • If you have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual in the past 14 days, please DO NOT come to the track.

  • If you are not feeling well or have a temperature of 100.4°F or above, DO NOT come to the track.

  • Masks are highly RECCOMMENDED, but not required.

  • Please maintain a 6 ft. distance between yourself and others at all times.

  • Please park 10 ft. apart from the next racers hauler in the pit areas.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be readily available throughout the facility including the gate, bathroom and concession areas and we will be sanitizing participant contact areas frequently.

  • ONLY Dragway 42 staff allowed in the timing tower. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • No congregation of large groups in the pits or staging lanes of any kind. Stay near your vehicle in both the pits and the staging lanes.


It is important that EVERYONE follow these Social Distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC and our State and Local Health Departments. Please be respectful to other racers as well as the Dragway 42 staff. Your safety is, as always, our #1 priority. If you cannot follow these guidelines you will be asked to leave the premises. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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